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jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Becas para programa de liderazgo en Yale University - Yale World Fellows - EEUU 2014

Becas para programa de liderazgo en Yale University - Yale World Fellows - EEUU  2014

Descripcion de la beca :

Applications to the Yale World Fellows Program are accepted from across sectors and around the world.  Each class of Fellows is a unique group, geographically balanced, and representative of a wide range of professions, talents, and perspectives. 

  • BE IN THE MID-CAREER STAGE Fellows are at least five, and typically not more than twenty, years into their careers, with demonstrated work accomplishments, and a clear indication of future contributions and excellence.  The average age of a World Fellow is 39, though there is no minimum or maximum age limit.
  • BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH An excellent command of the English language is essential.
  • BE A CITIZEN OF A COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES  While dual citizens are eligible, preference is given to candidates whose work is focused outside the US.

  • An established record of extraordinary achievement and integrity;
  • Commitment to engagement in crucial issues and to making a difference at the national or international level;
  • Promise of a future career of leadership and notable impact;
  • Special capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking;
  • Likelihood to benefit from participation in the Program and to contribute to global understanding at Yale;
  • Commitment to a rigorous program of activities, to full-time residence at Yale for the entire duration of the program, and to mentoring students and speaking frequently on campus.

Do Yale World Fellows pay tuition?
Yale World Fellows do not pay tuition. The Program provides Fellows with a travel allowance, housing, healthcare, and a stipend to cover living expenses.  Yale also pays for all costs associated with the educational and extracurricular aspects of the Program.

Mayor informacion de las Becas 

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